What Makes it Qompact®?


Elegant Design

12 unique slat shapes make up a Qompact shutter up to 16.7ft (5,3 M) tall.

Engineered Slat Nesting

Each subsequent slat grouping has a specific radius designed to accommodate the ever increasing roll diameter.

Perfect Manufacturing

Tolerances are exacting at Qompact. Due to the specific slat size and slat radius, there is no tolerance for anything less than perfection.


Features Advantages Benefits
Coil Size The coil size is significantly smaller than traditional rolling shutter curtain slats due to its unique roll characteristics. This will provide a significant reduction in costs of material and the cost of inventory. Having the smallest coil in the market is a selling advantage. A reduced coil and box housing size gives customers more flexibility for soffit mounts. Smaller boxes offer less distraction from the home's architecture. Plus, there are cost savings passed on to the consumer giving you another selling advantage.
Strength The single wall extruded slats are very strong and have been subjected to sledge hammer impacts and hurricane impact tests. These products are hurricane-tested, and even with Qompact's small coil requirement, provides the utmost hurricane and security protection. Slat hinge exceeds 1117 kg pull apart strength-excellent for security. Compete with steel shutter strength with the aesthetics of a smaller coil and the beauty of aluminum. Up to 10 times stronger than a perforated slip hinge.
The unique roll characteristics provide the ability to install end retention screws to make the curtain captive in the rails. However, the curtain doesn't require the end retention, and can utilize standard width rails in applications when the added security of the end retention feature is not required. Retained rails-every curtain slat has 2136 kg pull out strength due to two end retention screws. Shutter curtains can't be pried out with crowbars or pushed out of the rails due to high winds. Assure your customers they are very well protected from burglars and hurricane strength winds.
The continuous contact design (non-slip) of the slat hinge enables the use of torsion springs for operation. This simplifies the installation and provides for a very easy operating shutter. Smaller motors can be used when an assist spring is included. Torque motors can be used to operate very large shutters because the spring does the lifting. When other shutters need motors, you can easily sell and install this easy manual push up, pull down operation. Or for very large shutters, save on the cost of larger motors and extend the life of those smaller motors with the aide of a torsion spring opposite the motor for many years of worry-free operation.
Up to 32 square meters. Up to 5.3M high. Up to 6M wide. Larger maximum sizes gives you less competion. Protect a large openign with one shutter where your competitor needs two.
Due to Dacromet-coated stainless steel end retention screws with Delrin® bushings. No worries about rust stains with Qompact shutters. Even seacoast applications are safe to weather the outdoors for many years.
Operations Gear, low voltage, and motor drives with spring assists. Spring assist manual operation for up to 16 square meters. Manual operation up to 16 square meters gives you a competive advantage over other companies who must motorize and pay for electrical hookup. Spring assisted gear drives makes for smooth and easy operation. The low voltage battery power gives you a unique selling feature plus a simple motorized installation.
Life Cycle
To 15500 operations (42 years) and counting. Each shutter part has been enhanced for maximum durability and to reduce warranty service. Your customers will experience carefree operation generating repeat sales and customer referrals.